Pantum, a global brand that develops, manufactures, and sells laser printers and toner cartridges, has unveiled a new monochrome laser printer series M7310 with updated capabilities to help office employees increase productivity. The new line-up is primarily aimed at businesses and government organizations, and it expands Pantum's high-end series by giving customers more options and a better printing experience.

The new series models all feature convenient and speedy printing, scanning, and photocopying. The new M7310 series inherits all of its predecessors' powerful functionality and intelligent features in the high-end Pantum 4S series while leveraging Pantum's pioneering technology to boost further efficiency and connection to help businesses accelerate their productivity.

The difference between this model and the previous multi-purpose model and the innovation is that the M7310 series enhances the flatbed scanning function, allowing users to merge several scans into a single file and export with one click, saving time for manually connecting the digital pages afterward. Furthermore, the new models feature 5G and 2.4G Wi-Fi, allowing for more incredible wireless transmission speeds while enhancing anti-interference capabilities to improve operational stability. 

Furthermore, when printing on A4 paper, the new M7310 reaches 33 ppm. Its Auto Duplex Printing and 3.5-inch touch display enables users to complete tasks with a single tap and swipe. It also has a confidential print option to secure your privacy and crucial papers. 

With sustainability in mind, the new series has Pantum's eco-friendly design. The technology, which separates the printer's drum unit and toner cartridge, can increase the drum unit's longevity, allowing customers to reduce waste footprint and environmental effects.