YouTube has been experimenting with artificial intelligence lately. This includes a new chatbot. It can provide users with more information about the video. Through conversational AI tools, users can answer various questions related to the video they watch and can also recommend other videos related to the video.

Even if you watch an educational video, the chatbot can ask a variety of relevant questions. Along with the announcement of this experimental feature, another AI tool was announced that separates video comments into different topics. The company has previously announced that it will roll out more AI features.

These include AI-generated backgrounds for short clips for video creators, an AI sync feature for translating into different languages, AI-driven video theme and audio suggestions, and another AI tool to help compose tracks like famous musicians . According to YouTube, these AI tools are now available for limited testing.

One of their support pages states that the conversational AI tool is only available in English. It works with specific videos on Android devices. However, it is available to advanced users over the age of 18. Where it appears, there is an "Ask" button below the video. This tool is available here.