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What would be a Good Work Companion for Small Business Offices?

What would be a Good Work Companion for Small Business Offices? What would be a Good Work Companion for Small Business Offices?

Sometimes we just sit next to a printer, waiting for the prints to come out before being taken away. Alternately, scan in the document page by page, consuming a whole coffee break. The ability to concentrate and perform efficiently helps maximize daily work time efficiency in a small business setting. Thus, which features need to be considered before using MFP for a small business?

Speedy: rapid ADF scan times, rapid printing speeds, and excellent print quality
Our primary motivation for selecting a laser printer is speed, which may seem obvious to have but is challenging to accomplish. A few mishaps could cause the printing process to lag. Examples include smeared or poor quality printouts that require reprinting, paper jams that require time to correct, or manual duplex printing. In an office setting, having an ADF scanner can save a significant amount of time spent on filing. It's time to replace your flatbed scanner with a printer that offers quick ADF scanning.

Stable: higher monthly print volume, durable consumables, and a generally sound printer
A reliable printer need to be long-lasting and produce consistently high-quality prints. It's time to have a look inside the printer by opening it. The printer's extended working life will be supported by its sturdy metal frame and gears. A distinct drum unit and toner cartridge design will reduce costs and increase longevity. The drum unit lasts significantly longer than the toner cartridge; the ratio is roughly 1:4, meaning you may use four toner cartridges with one drum unit. This is the rationale for choosing a separate drum unit and toner cartridge printer. Compared to a single toner cartridge, consumables offer greater cost savings. Naturally, maintaining the printer properly will increase its service life.

Network sharing, NFC connectivity, and smart mobile printing
These days, PC printing and scanning may be endless. The introduction of tablets and smartphones into the workplace has made printing more portable. One essential feature for a multifunction printer is the ability to print from a tablet or smartphone. With NFC printing, printing goes from a mobile device to a printer in a matter of seconds.

Easy to use, simple to install, and designed with streamlined features to make tasks easier
A printer shouldn't be an intimidating device that requires extensive training to operate. Our dream printer would be simple to set up in just one step, require minimal upkeep and care, be able to complete tasks with the least amount of setup time, and have settings that could be changed with a single button.

Pantum regularly modifies its products to enhance the user experience for small and medium-sized business (SMB) users by studying and researching office environments and behaviors. putting the ease of daily use and long-term savings first. Pantum has emphasized and improved printer features that are most beneficial to SMB users.

Presenting the MFP range of Pantum 4S Efficient Work Companions, a Pantum concept designed to enhance SMB printing capabilities through the use of the Pantum printer line.

Pantum 4S Efficient Work Companions are made to improve your office's interior features as well as its external appearance. It's common to see employees sharing printers within groups or departments in open work environments. Pantum printers can be shared wirelessly or within a network by multiple users. For SMB users that print small to medium volumes of documents, the printing speed and paper input tray are optimized so they don't have to replace the paper tray often. The cohesive streamlined design of the off-white series printers fits in any type of work setting. In the office, a maximum size frame measuring 415 x 365 x 350 mm doesn't take up much room. It can be placed on a low cabinet.

Pantum has chosen four MFPs to become members of this family in accordance with the 4S Efficient Work Companion concept: speed, stability, intelligence, and simplicity. Duplex printing with a maximum print speed range of 35 ppm (letter) is suitable for printing small to medium-sized documents. One pixel fine line printing is possible with fine line printing, and print studios and designers benefit from the special consumable design that reduces toner leakage. Paper files can be converted to paperless ones in minutes with an ADF scan speed of up to 24 ppm (A4) and 25 ppm (Letter).

Printers from Pantum are designed to print reliably and consistently. Most SMBs' significant printing workloads can be handled with a maximum monthly printing value of 60,000 pages. Pantum printers have a sturdy metal frame and robust gears to handle this volume of printing. The printer will last longer and cost less money with its separate toner and drum cartridge configuration. The input tray with 250 pages is good for regular use with infrequent refills.

More people than ever can print thanks to wireless connections. Being able to share a printer with a group is crucial. Within a single Wi-Fi environment, any computer or mobile device can establish a connection with a Pantum printer (wifi models). Pantum has developed the Pantum APP to facilitate mobile printing by streamlining the joining, printing, and scanning processes using wireless and NFC connections. Additionally compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, the Pantum Printer has support for Mopria* and AirPrint.

What Pantum always aims to accomplish during the development process is a printer that is made to accommodate you and your company. Our 4S effective work companion product concept revolves around these as well. Please visit to find out more about Pantum and Pantum printers. To get information straight from the source, follow Pantum on social media. 

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