Microsoft has developed the world’s largest image-based AI model for cancer detection. The new AI model is the largest of the image-based AI models. This model will help find the subtle complications of cancer. It will also help with next-generation clinical applications and computational biomarkers.

About four million digitized microscopic slides will be used to train the model, said digital pathology company Pygen, a partner in the initiative. According to the company, this model will provide data on various types of cancer using data from Pygen’s collection. And Pigeon can use Microsoft’s advanced supercomputing infrastructure.

US news channel CNBC reported that the model will be used in hospitals and laboratories worldwide after training the artificial intelligence in detail. Microsoft Azure will also be used there. It is expected to be completed by 2024. And only then will disease detection be easier. At the same time, the scope of oncology and pathology will be widened.

Rajik Yusufi, SVP of Technology of the company on behalf of Pygen, said, ‘Pygen has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception. Microsoft’s massive computing power and deep expertise in artificial intelligence, technology, and digital pathology could lead to significant advances in cancer imaging. Millions of people around the world will benefit from this.