CTL-1100XK Color Toner Cartridge

CTL-1100XK Color Toner cartridge CTL-1100XK Color Toner cartridge

The CTL-1100XK Color Toner Cartridge is designed to meet the demands of businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their printing needs. With its compatibility, impressive page yield, and rich black color selection, this toner cartridge is a top choice for enhancing the quality of your printed documents.

Type: Toner Cartridge

The CTL-1100XK is a premium toner cartridge designed to work seamlessly with compatible printers. Toner cartridges are a vital component of laser printers, and the quality of the cartridge directly impacts the sharpness and clarity of your printed documents.

Adaptive Model: CP1100

This toner cartridge is specifically designed for use with the CP1100 series of printers. Its adaptability ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance when paired with these printers, making it a hassle-free choice for users seeking a reliable replacement cartridge.

Color Selection: Black

Black is a timeless and versatile color that plays a crucial role in everyday printing tasks. Whether you're printing text documents, reports, or graphics, the CTL-1100XK's rich black color ensures that your printed materials are sharp, legible, and professional in appearance.

Impressive Capacity: 3000 Pages

One of the standout features of the CTL-1100XK is its impressive page yield. With a capacity to print up to 3000 pages, this toner cartridge minimizes the frequency of replacements, reducing downtime and ensuring that you can complete your printing tasks without interruptions. This high page yield is particularly beneficial for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Reliability and Quality:

The CTL-1100XK Color Toner Cartridge is engineered for reliability and consistency. When you install this cartridge in your compatible printer, you can trust that it will consistently deliver high-quality prints without streaks or smudges.

Environmental Considerations:

In addition to its exceptional performance, the CTL-1100XK also takes environmental considerations into account. By choosing this toner cartridge, you are not only benefitting from its quality and efficiency but also contributing to reducing waste, as the extended page yield results in fewer cartridge replacements.

Its compatibility with the CP1100 series, rich black color selection, and impressive 3000-page capacity make it a valuable addition to any office or home setup. With this toner cartridge, you can ensure that your printed materials consistently meet the highest standards of clarity and professionalism.

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